On the first floor you can play ping-pong, table football and pool, watch TV, play Wii and boardgames, read magazines.

We also have a kitchen, bathroom, toilets.

On the firsth floor there is also an art class, which is also used and rented out as a meeting room.

On the second floor we have a computer room, dance hall with mirrors and a fitness room. 


If you wish to use the dance hall or the meeting room, please contact us. Fitness room is available to everyone who is 14-26 years old.

We have free Wifi. 

Prices (1 hour):

dance hall for meeting: 16.00

dance hall for a party: 22.50

dance hall for hobby activities: 4.50

art class: 2.60

rooms for birthday party: 5.00


The rooms can be used for free by youngsters aged 7-26 if the activities are non-profit.


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